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dance fashion trends

Dance Fashion Trends is very or a dancer, the perfect dance costume is as significant as the dance routine itself.

A good costume not only helps to bring life and colour to the performance, but it also enhances and accentuates every movement of the dancer.

So, whether you are performing solo or as part of the team, jazzing it up on the stage or rehearsing at the studio,

here are some of the reasons why it is important to pick the right outfit for each occasion:

  • Freedom of movement: A good dance costume allows dancers to move freely and without hindrance as they go about performing the steps of their routine. So, a properly fitted costume will not only make you more comfortable on the floor but will also make your movements look more flowing and intricate. 
  • Generates cohesiveness: A uniform dress code, especially in the dance studio or during a team performance, helps the dancers to bond among themselves and creates a sense of unity– both on stage and off it. A well-coordinated outfit can, therefore, make or break your performance. 
  • Helps to focus: The right dance costume helps dancers to get in the right mindset for the dance and enhances the ability to learn and concentrate. This is especially true for kids and youngsters as putting on proper clothes signifies the start of a structured class or learning session. 
  • Increases confidence: Quite simply put, when you look like a dancer, you feel like one– and it shows in your moves and attitude. A good costume not only makes you look good to your audience, but it also boosts your confidence in the face of that dreaded stage fright.

Different dance styles require different types of dance costumes, but that does not mean they can’t be fashionable too! We have compiled a list of the latest dance fashion trends so that you can put your fashion foot forward on stage (or off!):


The image of the “ballerina” is one familiar to professionals and dance enthusiasts alike: the elegant ballet slippers, the ethereal tutus, and, of course, the leotards. Ballet is a dance form that originated during the Italian Renaissance. Since then, it has undergone massive changes in style and in the way it is performed. Just like the dance has evolved over time, so have the dance fashion trends associated with it. Here are some of the ballet wear trends that we are likely to see more of in the coming years:

  • Mesh It Up: 

As sustainability becomes the byword for fashion all around the globe, it is not really surprising that lace bodices and appliques are increasingly being replaced by its more durable substitute: mesh. Mesh leggings are not only super comfortable and long-lasting, but they also allow for effortless movements on the floor while at the same time not taking away from the appearance of natural skin. 

  • Deep V-Necks and Ruching Details:

Evocative of the dramatic necklines of figure skating costumes, deep V-neck bodices are a trend that is steadily gaining traction in the ballet world. This, accompanied by ruching details, are a subtle way of adding texture and character to the outfit. Deep V-necks combined with ruching and mesh create an illusion of motion and fluidity for a very understated luxe look. 

  • Shoulder Show and Long Sleeves:

Off-shoulder and halter-style leotards are two other trends that are likely to rule ballet fashion in the days to come. Contemporary ballet outfits are designed to show off the shoulders and give the illusion of a long neck for further elegance and poise. Long mesh sleeves, too, are making a comeback on the dance floor as they give an added sense of comfort to the dancer. 

  • Saturated Hues:

Although ballet costumes are known for their airy, neutral or pastel hues, the recent developments in the fashion world have made their impact in the dance community as well. Recent dance fashion trends are all about drama, theatrics, and ambiance, and brightly coloured costumes are the way to go. Hence, we are more likely to see high-low tulle skirts and ruched bodices in rich, saturated jewel tones such as navy, emerald, and ruby on the stage this year.  

  • Asymmetrical Tulle Skirts:

Ask any dance aficionado about tulle skirts, and they will immediately conjure the image of a lithesome ballerina twirling gracefully across the stage. The tulle skirt or tutu has been a staple ballet costume since the days of yore. However, even the basics are not unaffected by the passage of time. Asymmetric or high-low tulle skirts are a style popularised by the tennis legend Serena Williams, and since then it has only increased in popularity. Pair a pastel tutu with a matching leotard for the ultimate ballerina look. 

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Hip hop is a dance form that involves sharp bold moves and precise footwork and these styles are reflected in hip hop fashion as well. Since its popularization in the 1970s, hip hop wear has undergone a radical transformation– incorporating everything from preppy sportswear to grunge style ripped pants.

For a long time, hip hop fashion has been a way of expressing individuality and team spirit in a complementary manner, and the upcoming hip hop dance fashion trends are a step further in that direction:

  • The Oversized Jersey Look:

This fad is a combination of three ruling dance fashion trends: the sparkly athleisure style, the back to basic black and white, and the rising craze for the mesh. These three indomitable looks blend together to create a statement that is simply impossible to ignore. Pair a black sequined oversized jersey with fitted pants for the ultimate sports luxe look. 

  • Tank Tops and Mesh:

Tank tops are another staple that has dominated the world of hip hop fashion for ages. However, they are not immune to technological developments in the fashion industry either. Perfect for showcasing your team colours or custom printed logos, sublimated tank tops with textured mesh panels are now all the rage onstage.

  • Wide Bottoms:

Gone are the days when large tops coupled with skinny bottoms were the only outfit options for a hip hop performance. Recently, overall wider silhouettes are coming back to rule the dance floor. Stay on top of this trend by matching a simple crop top with harem pants or jogger pants in bold, contrasting colours and textures.

  • Bold Lettering:

Hip hop is all about displaying your team pride: in the flashiest way possible! Flamboyant lettering and customised logos are therefore trends that have only increased in popularity over the years. Jump on the trend wagon by featuring bold lettering and bright logos in matte or sparkly finish on your troupe jerseys and up your style quotient a few notches.  

  • Basic Black and White:

The monochrome look has long made its mark in the fashion world– it is now slowly and steadily filtering on to the world of hip hop, and we are here for it! Black has always been a favourite with hip hop dancers and pairing it with white seems like a no-brainer. Make your monochrome costumes pop by adding a neon belt for a truly impressive ensemble that is bound to make some heads turn.

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Putting on the right dance costume for a dance routine is important for all dancers, but it is especially so for kids. The perfect, comfortable outfit helps kids to generate interest in the dance form, eliminate distractions, and focus better on learning the steps. As more and more youngsters are taking up dance from a very early age, we can see a rise in kids’ dancewear choices and new trends are being set every month. Some of the most popular kids’ dance fashion trends are listed below:

  • Bright Leotards:

Leotards are something every dance dilettante is familiar with. Versatile and cosy, a leotard is a staple clothing item that is fit for a number of occasions: from dancing to gymnastics, playdates to yoga. Brightly coloured leotards made of soft, perspiration cooling, quick-drying materials are therefore a kids’ dance fashion trend that is here to stay.

  • Canvas Sole Slippers:

As ballet grows in popularity again, it is essential to give the classic ballet slippers a revamp to maximize their comfort quotient for kids. That is why TwistNTurns features an exclusive line of kids’ dance shoes that are specifically designed while keeping in mind the unique needs of young dancers. Sporting high-quality suede leather outsoles and soft breathable cotton insoles, these shoes are extremely durable and perfect for children as they romp about the dance floor. 

  • Footless Tights:

Sweaty feet are inevitable for dancers, so it is important to wear socks or tights that are made of quick-drying, sweat-absorbent material while on the dance floor or in the studio. Footless tights are a new dance fashion trend that eliminates the need to frequently change dirty socks. It is an extremely fuss-free item of clothing that allows great freedom of movement and is therefore ideal for kids and baby ballerinas. 

  • Bling on the Quirky Prints:

Children’s dance outfitters are gradually realizing that if the dance costume is plain, kids are likely to lose interest sooner. So, it is important to make their dancewear as fun as possible. Dance costumes featuring sparkly motifs, cute bow details, and quirky prints are therefore gaining popularity by the day.

Comfort and fun are the two most important factors to look out for when buying kids’ dance wear. Let your child put his/her best foot forward in our wide range of kids’ dance wear which have been specially designed while keeping these features in mind. 


Dance and fashion are two art forms that have been closely interlinked since time immemorial. They are both a means of exploring, as well as expressing oneself. Often, dancers and choreographers nurture a deep-seated love for fashion and designers have long been known to draw their inspiration from the world of dance. In the words of The Style of Movement authors Ken Browar and Deborah Ory, “No one can move, or bring life to an item of clothing quite like a dancer.” Dancers are, therefore, often the standard-bearers of up and coming fashion trends. However, it is important to choose the right dance fashion trends and costumes according to your particular dance form. Stay on top of your style game and be a trend-setter in our carefully crafted and curated collection of dance apparel and accessories available here.