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How To Dress For Fitness Class

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One of the most pressing questions when it comes to attending a fitness class is, “How to Dress for fitness class?” Because, believe it or not, what you wear to your fitness class is almost as important as what you do in it! A good fitness attire can make or break your workout experience.

Because, believe it or not, what you wear to your fitness class is almost as important as what you do in it! A good fitness attire can make or break your workout experience.

What to keep in mind when dressing for a fitness class?

The perfect workout wear should be comfortable, well-fitted, and breathable. During an intense workout, you’re likely to sweat—a lot. And that is why it is not advisable to wear just cotton to a fitness class. Cotton is super sweat-absorbent.

However, it does not pull that sweat away from your body or help it evaporate. As a result, cotton outfits can feel quite wet and heavy as you move about. It is therefore essential to choose the right fabric when dressing for a fitness class.

Fabrics containing polypropylene or materials such as SUPPLEX® or COOLMAX® are ideal for active wear. They draw or ‘wick’ away the sweat to the outer surface of your clothing, so that it can evaporate quickly without making your clothes feel soaked. 

Additionally, non-breathable clothing materials such as plastic or rubber-based ones will trap your body heat and prevent you from cooling off naturally. So, they should be avoided at all costs. 

It is extremely important to choose the right fit for the type of fitness class you are taking. For example, loose-fitting, flowy clothes might be your best bet for a Zumba class, but they can be quite troublesome if you are looking to go for cycling or aerobics, as the extra fabric can get snagged on the equipment. However, simply because workout wear has to be functional does not mean it can’t be fashionable too! Today, there are numerous cute and quirky workout wear choices that are guaranteed to make you look good while you sweat it out. 

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best fitness attire options so that you know just what to wear as you work your way to a healthier self


HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is essentially short bursts of intense cardio that alternate with periods of lower-intensity exercise or rest. These workouts involve a good deal of movement and a lot of sweat. When attending a HIIT class, therefore, opt for clothes that are supportive, sturdy, and offer great freedom of movement. 

Leggings, shorts, and workout tights will not only allow you to easily perform manoeuvres like squats and bear crawls but also keep you cool while doing so. Ladies—make sure to invest in a well-built sports bra for support and to prevent discomfort or back pain during the workout. 

Shoes that have a lot of bounce and contain shock-absorbing soles are ideal for HIIT classes. Pick out a pair of trainers in fun colours so that support your feet and are flexible while you practise those burpees.

Dance Fitness Wear

Dancing is a really fun and effective way to get rid of all those extra calories. It involves a full-body workout and can get quite gruelling at times. Usually, a fitness dance class consists of highly energetic moves and coordinated steps—all set to the beats of groovy music. 

Dancewear can be quite fun and trendy—think neon colours and holographic prints! Lightweight fabrics are the best-suited for these types of fitness classes as they allow you to move about fluidly and effortlessly on the dance floor.

Choose tops with dropped armholes for unrestricted arm movements and maximum comfort. Avoid materials like lace for dance fitness classes as they can become quite itchy and chafe against your skin every time you move. 

Choose shoes that fit snugly and preferably come without laces which do not come in the way and trip you up.

Dancewear also offers a lot of opportunities when it comes to accessorizing. Don a classic hip hop cap or a pair of earrings for that added the bling as you swing!

Cycling Wear

Cycling is a really versatile, low-impact exercise that can be done by almost anybody. Apart from building your leg strength and working on your core muscles at the same time, cycling is a great way to boost your mental health as well! 

If you have signed up for a class that involves a lot of indoor cycling or spinning, you might want to wear something that hugs your body closely and does not have a lot of frills or dangly bits. Choose a pair of leggings or snugly fitted shorts that do not ride up all throughout the class. A sweat band might also come in handy here and prevent any sweat from dripping into your eyes.

It is important to pick cycling shoes that provide a lot of ankle support. Pick shoes that have textured soles that offer a good grip so that you can avoid that dreaded pedal slip while you are cycling. 

Aerobics Wear

Aerobics are a class of medium-intensity workouts that you can do for an extended period of time. It includes walking, jogging and even swimming. Aerobics make you feel just a little out of breath, and are great for building stamina and muscle strength. 

For these classes, choose fuss-free clothing made in breathable fabrics. They do not suffocate your skin as you work up a sweat. High-waisted leggings are your best bets for an aerobics class. They will cinch your waist and give you maximum support where it counts. Go for a pair with drawstrings so that you can customize the fit as per your requirements.

 Avoid heavy jewellery and choose comfy footwear with a good grip on the soles. They will allow you to execute your circuits, squats, and lunges without any discomfort. 

Holistic Fitness Wear

Yoga and other holistic fitness classes like pilates are a great workout to enhance your core strength, tone your muscles, and improve your posture without having to run around or lift weights. 

Holistic fitness is all about gentle, fluid movements which are designed to increase your flexibility and endurance. So, prepare for a lot of stretching and bending in these classes. Wear clothing that allows free movement of your arms, legs, and torso, but does not ride up when you are performing an asana. For this, choose a fitted tank top, or a loose top with an elastic hemline. It will fix your top to your body. Prevent it from draping over your head in the middle of a dolphin pose. 

For footwear, it is advisable to invest in a good pair of grip socks that will keep your feet firmly anchored to the ground as you do your stretches. 

Barre Workout Wear

The Barre is a very popular workout method that is mostly composed of tiny, compact movements. They are specifically aimed at aligning your posture and building your muscle strength. 

Although the barre has its origins in Ballet, it can be attempted by almost anybody.        Barre does not require any ballet costumes or fancy footwork. No pointe shoes or tutus or leotards. Barre is essentially ballet stripped down to its very basics. And that reflects in the way you dress for a barre fitness class. A pair of simple high waisted leggings or capris and a workout top are enough. 

The barre is usually practised in bare or socked feet. Grip socks will hold on to your body heat. They prevent your feet from sliding on the mat as you lift, tuck and curl.

At TwistNTurns, we have a wide range of comfortable and cute workout wear options to choose from, so that you never run out of options for your first—or next—fitness class.

Mistakes to avoid when dressing for a fitness class

Choosing the right workout wear for your fitness class can be quite tricky if you are a beginner. To avoid confusion and any potential mishaps, it is always preferable to first clear out any doubts with your instructor before the class. Additionally, make sure to avoid these common mistakes when you are preparing for your fitness class:

Wearing unwashed clothes

This is a big hygiene no-no. Never wear pre-worn clothes to your fitness class, as it can be quite the hotbed for germs. Always wash your workout wear after every use or have multiple sets at hand if you are attending classes daily. Also, do not forget to carry a towel to your fitness class. They come in pretty handy in-between the intense workout sessions. 

Wearing strong perfumes

Strong perfumes in an enclosed space can cause a lot of discomfort to yourself and to others. So, stay away from the really heady fragrances when heading to a fitness class. Go for neutral antiperspirants instead, and always follow up with a nice shower after the class to keep the odour at bay. 

Putting on too many accessories

Too many accessories can become a nuisance in a fitness class. Not only can they get in your way as you move about, but you may be actually damaging them by not taking them off beforehand! Metal accessories like chains or bracelets might scrape or snag on a piece of equipment and that can result in scratches and discolouration. Plus, sweat on the metal may even cause allergic reactions on your skin!

Not wearing the right fit

Fitting is of the utmost importance when it comes to workout wear. Wearing improperly fitted clothes to the class will not only be uncomfortable but can also result in injuries. Make sure to invest in sturdy footwear; ladies, do wear a well-built sports bra before heading for a fitness class to ensure that the girls are well-supported.

Signing up for your first fitness class can be very intimidating in itself. Add to that the pressure to look good, and you have a recipe for tension and anxiety. However, dressing for a fitness class does not have to be so stressful! Comfort and support are the two key factors that you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing fitness attires. Remember, if you feel good from the inside, you are bound to look great on the outside. 

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